• My Majo Restore Cleansing Bar and Soapsaver

    Restore Cleansing Bar


    Restore Cleansing Bar can be used on face, body and hair. Making it a very versatile little gem. Simplifying our morning shower routine with just one clever little bar.

    Activated Charcoal removes impurities and unblocks pores. Many of our customers have let us know that it has helped with their acne problems.

    Infused with 100% pure Essential Oils; Rosemary (great for the scalp and to remove dead skin cells) and Eucalyptus (antibacterial/anti-inflammatory) this special cleansing bar will create a beautiful aroma stimulating your senses. 

    This all-natural, vegan Bar is also fantastic to use when transitioning to Natural Deodorant as it will remove toxins the antiperspirants have left, allowing your body to work naturally.

    Handcrafted in Australia using beautiful Australian rainwater. Each bar is a generous size of 150g so will last months and packaging is plastic free. Good for you and the planet.

    All My Majo Cleansing Bars come with their own unique quote, adding a My Majo Soap Saver makes it the perfect little gift.


  • Face and Body Serum Golden Rose

    Golden Rose Face and Body Serum

    Golden Rose Face and Body Serum has been designed to nourish all skin types.
    Having one Serum for your face and body, simplifying your self care routine.
    Golden Rose absorbs quickly so wearing make up is no problem.
    Also add to your bath and hair for some extra self love and care.
    Organic & Vegan ingredients have been selected to moisturize, hydrate & restore your skin.
    We couldn’t escape using a tiny bit of plastic in our droppers so we have offered a refill option. Simply add your dropper to you new bottle.
    Directions; Apply drops to face & body and massage gently to cover area, using less on your face, as a little amount goes a long way, so start with less first. Keep below 30 degrees. 
    Add a few drops into your bath to moisturize skin whilst using My Majo Indulge Bath Soak. A few drops can also be added to your hair.
    Handcrafted in Australia with love.