• Sale! Natural Deodorants My MajoMy Majo Natural Deodorant Set

    Natural Deodorant Bundle

    From $39.60

    Create your own Natural Deodorant Bundle and save on the product and on shipping. Not to mention waste on postage packaging. Set yourself up for months or share with a friend. My Majo make a great gift for your like minded friends.

    Choose 3 blends of your choice.

    My Majo deodorants are handcrafted in Australia with all-natural, vegan ingredients that eliminate body odour caused by bacteria.


  • My Majo Cleansing Bar and SoapsaverMy Majo Cleansing Bar in Soapsaver

    Natural Fibre Soap Saver


    This cute Natural Fiber Soap Saver will keep your last bits of soap going down the drain, allowing you to use every last little bit.

    Feels amazing on your skin giving you a light exfoliate.

    Hang to dry after use. When soap is finished you can machine wash to freshen it back up.

    Other uses are to hang soap in cupboards or place in drawers to keep clothes and linen smelling fresh.

    When you have totally finished with you Soap Saver you can pop into your home compost. Perfect.