• Sale! Bundle-for-herFace and Body Serum Golden Rose

    Bundles for her

    From $28.90

    Bundles for her.  Easy to select what self care products you would like in the bundle with a minimum of four products to receive the special bundle price. All these products have been selected with “her” in mind. Its a perfect option for mothers day, birthdays and Christmas. Making buying gifts super easy. You can…

  • Sale! Cleansing-Bar-Bundle

    Cleansing Bar Bundle


    Create your very own Cleansing Bar Bundle.

    Choose a minimum of three to receive the bundle special price.

    You can decide which blends to create your very own custom bundle.

    Stock up for the year and through in a few extras for gifts.


  • Sale! Natural Deodorants My MajoMy Majo Natural Deodorant Set

    Natural Deodorant Bundle

    From $39.60

    Create your own Natural Deodorant Bundle and save on the product and on shipping. Not to mention waste on postage packaging. Set yourself up for months or share with a friend. My Majo make a great gift for your like minded friends.

    Choose 3 blends of your choice.

    My Majo deodorants are handcrafted in Australia with all-natural, vegan ingredients that eliminate body odour caused by bacteria.


  • Smudge StickSmudge-Stick on wood

    Smudge Sticks


    My Majo Smudge Sticks are locally grown & handcrafted in Braidwood, these beautiful floral Smudge Sticks are created from Australian Natives, herbs and flowers.

    Smudge Sticks are a spiritual tool to cleanse negative energy around a room, tool, person or object. Renewing and refreshing the energy in this space.

    The earthy aroma of Kunzea, Melaluca Tea Tree and domestic flowers will recharge the surrounding energy while creating a sense of calm and restoration.

    Burn the tip of your stick and use the smoke to cleanse your home, work space and loved possessions.

    Each stick has been sent to you with positive intentions and charged with crystals.



  • My Majo Reset Bath SoaksReset Bath Soak

    Reset Bath Soak


    Reset your mind and body with our Wild Orange Bath Soak.

    The energising scent of Wild Orange Essential Oil and grounding power of Magnesium and Himalayan Salts are a perfect match.

    Melt away the stresses of your day, whether it be with a good book, glass of wine, favourite tunes or just close your eyes and unwind and relax.

    Reset Bath Soak will aid the body’s natural detoxing processes in a gentle way.

    Press the reset button and you will be left feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and a sense of happiness.

    My Majo’s Bath Soaks are all natural, vegan, and plastic free. With the option of purchasing the glass bottle then refilling it with the biodegradable pouches. Good for you and the planet.


  • My Majo Restore Cleansing Bar and Soapsaver

    Restore Cleansing Bar


    Restore Cleansing Bar can be used on face, body and hair. Making it a very versatile little gem. Simplifying our morning shower routine with just one clever little bar.

    Activated Charcoal removes impurities and unblocks pores. Many of our customers have let us know that it has helped with their acne problems.

    Infused with 100% pure Essential Oils; Rosemary (great for the scalp and to remove dead skin cells) and Eucalyptus (antibacterial/anti-inflammatory) this special cleansing bar will create a beautiful aroma stimulating your senses. 

    This all-natural, vegan Bar is also fantastic to use when transitioning to Natural Deodorant as it will remove toxins the antiperspirants have left, allowing your body to work naturally.

    Handcrafted in Australia using beautiful Australian rainwater. Each bar is a generous size of 150g so will last months and packaging is plastic free. Good for you and the planet.

    All My Majo Cleansing Bars come with their own unique quote, adding a My Majo Soap Saver makes it the perfect little gift.


  • My Majo Pink and Blue Charcoal Toothbrush SetMy Majo Charcoal Toothbrushes

    Standing Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush


    Standing Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush have been designed to stand so you don’t need a holder or mix with other peoples brushes.

    Our soft bristles are infused with activated charcoal.

    Charcoal has a naturally porous formation and when used in the mouth helps absorb bacteria and debris to effectively clean the teeth and gums.

    Reduces tooth staining/whitens teeth.

    We have two bright colours to choose from.

    All our toothbrushes and packaging are biodegradable.

  • My Majo Cleansing Bar and SoapsaverMy Majo Cleansing Bar in Soapsaver

    Natural Fibre Soap Saver


    This cute Natural Fiber Soap Saver will keep your last bits of soap going down the drain, allowing you to use every last little bit.

    Feels amazing on your skin giving you a light exfoliate.

    Hang to dry after use. When soap is finished you can machine wash to freshen it back up.

    Other uses are to hang soap in cupboards or place in drawers to keep clothes and linen smelling fresh.

    When you have totally finished with you Soap Saver you can pop into your home compost. Perfect.