Care and Application

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Deodorant Ingredients

Our ingredients have been kept to a minimum, using only what we need.

Coconut Oil, Bicarbonate Sodium, Arrowroot Powder & Candelilla Wax.

Each Blend has chosen 100% Essential Oils added to provide emotional support.


Less is best, only needing a pea size amount.

During the colder months, the paste will harden, simply use the back of your nail or an applicator to apply.

Once the product has touched your pits it will melt nicely, gently massage to cover the area. 

Why Use A Natural Deodorant?

Hot temperatures, exercise, stress, fever and spicy foods can all cause us to sweat because the body wants to stay cool – it’s natural!

The smell is natural too, caused by the bacteria that live on our skin. And that’s why we wanted to create a natural deodorant that helps neutralise odour while supporting emotional wellbeing.

Sweating is also a detoxification process, so it may take a few days to transition to a natural deodorant.

Your body will want to try and push out chemicals and aluminium from other deodorants you have previously used.

Have patience and before you know it your armpits will be odourless and free to release natural toxins.