About My Majo

Natural Simplicity is our philosophy.

While planning for a family, my husband and I decided we wanted to live a cleaner lifestyle, minimising the toxins we were putting into our bodies and the environment. Inspired by the incredible natural beauty of Jervis Bay, I drew on my background in Naturopathy and started looking for ways to replace chemical-filled products with Essential Oils.

The business grew organically from here. Once friends and family kept returning for more of our products, we knew that there was a demand in the community for natural products that do no harm. Our two beautiful daughters’ names inspired the business name ‘My Majo,’ and they inspire us daily to create beautiful, natural self-care products that are good for you and the environment.



Sustainable and good for you

Self-care is important for a healthy body and mind, and it’s easy to incorporate into your morning routine with our range of natural products. The simple act of applying your natural deodorant, brushing with your bamboo toothbrush or exfoliating with your natural fibre soap saver brings a chance to reflect on how you are feeling and what you need for that day. Our natural deodorant blends – Grounding, Self-Love and Uplifting – have been designed to support you emotionally with essential oils that will Uplift you, Ground you or support the Self-Love that you need.

We love to use organic ingredients, and we source all our products directly from Australian businesses that share our passion to care for the world around us and the people in it. Our products have also been designed to minimise any environmental impact. Our deodorant tins can be repurposed as storage, and our other products either have biodegradable packaging or can be thrown straight on the compost!


Cruelty Free

Non Toxic

Infused with essential oils

Free of nasties

Ethically Sourced

Australian Made with love


Marine plastic pollution has become a major environmental issue, and we do everything we can to reduce the impact of plastics on marine wildlife. All our packaging is biodegradable or recyclable, and completely plastic-free. Our deodorant tins can be repurposed to store all your bits and pieces, and our Indulge Bath Soak comes in a glass bottle so you can refill it using our 100% compostable pouch. My Majo’s Soap Savers and Toothbrush handles are also biodegradable and can be placed into the compost when you have finished with them.